ADF Parts: Avision, Bell & Howell, Fujitsiu, Ricoh

    A sample list of parts for document feeders

Following is a sample list of ADF parts available for some manufacturers. This information is accurate as of 2008.

Avision Feeders & Output Trays:
Output Tray for AV210/220 Scanner
Bell & Howell Feeders & Output Trays:
ACCU Feeder + HIGH CAPACITY 500 Sheet Document Feeder
ACCU Feeder 100 Sheet Standard ADF
Exit Tray Assembly for 8000 D8 Series
Exit Tray Assembly for 8000 Plus Series
Table Feeder
(The following parts are also interchangeable with the parts for a Panasonic KV-S7065C):
Hopper (Input) Extension Tray for Truper 3200 Scanner
Hopper (Input) Rubber for Truper 3200;
Lower Hopper (Input) Tray for Truper 3200 Scanner
Upper Hopper (Input) Tray for Truper 3200 Scanner.
Fujitsu Feeders & Output Trays:
Chute Unit (Input Tray) for 10C Scanner
Paper Chute (Input) Tray for 15C-B
Stacker (Output Tray) for 3093
ADF Assembly for 620C Scanner
Chute Unit (Input Tray) for fi-4120/ 4220c Scanners
Stacker (Output Tray) for fi-4120C
Chute Unit (Input Tray) for fi-4340C
Stacker (Output Tray) for fi-4340C
Carrier Unit for fi-4340C Scanner
Chute (Input Tray) for fi-4530c Scanner
Stacker (Output Tray) for fi-4530c
Hopper Table for fi-4860C Scanner
Stacker Table for fi-4860C Scanner
Hopper Channel for fi-4860C Scanner
Chute Unit (Input Tray) for fi-5120/ 5220c Scanners
Stacker Unit (Output Tray) for fi-5120c
Stacker (Output) Tray for fi-5530C
Chute Unit (Input Tray) for fi-5530C/C2
Stacker Unit (Output Tray) for fi-5650C
Chute Assembly (Input Tray) for fi-5650C
Stacker Assembly (Output Tray) for fi-5750C Scanner
Chute Assembly (Input Tray) for fi-5750C
Chuter Base for fi-5750C Scanner
Hopper Unit (Input Tray) for fi-5900C
Chute Unit (Input Tray) for fi-6130/6230/6140/6240 Scanners
Chute Assy. (Input Tray) for M3091DC /3092DC /fi-4110CU /fi-4110EOX/
FB (flatbed) Cover Kit for M3092DC
Chute Unit (Input Tray) for M3093
ADF STACKER (Input Tray) for M3096EX/GX & 97 E/G
Paper Chute Assembly (Input Tray) for M4097D/fi-4750C/fi-4640S Scanner Document Cover Assembly w/ Input Tray for M4097D Scanner
ADF Assembly for M4097D Scanner
Stacker Assembly (Output Tray) for M4097D Scanner
ADF Update Kit (Universal Joint) for M4099 Scanner
Hopper Table (Input Tray) Assembly for M4099D/fi-4990C Scanner
Table for M4099D/fi-4990C Scanners
Right Hopper Guide for M4099D Scanner
Left Hopper Guide for M4099D Scanner
Stacker (Input) Tray for ScanSnap fi-4110EOX2 Scanner
SP10/SP10C/SP15C/620C Paper Chute (Output Tray)
Ricoh Feeders & Output Trays:
Paper Feed Unit Type 7300 (500x1) for CL7200 Printers
Document Table Assembly (Input Tray) for IS420/430 Scanner
Original Table Assembly for IS420/430
Scanner Feeder Assembly & Motor for IS420/430
Tray Stopper Fence for IS450 Scanners
Paper Stopper Original Tray for Is450

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